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Jakob Richard Stein

BRIDGES Postdoctoral Research Associate

State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
E-mail: jstein (at)

I'm an Postdoctoral Research Associate at Universidade Estadual de Campinas, under the BRIDGES collaboration. My research interests include, but are not limited to: geometric analysis, gauge theory, and Riemannian manifolds with special geometric structures. My collaborators past and present include Matt Turner (Bath), Daniel Fadel (UFRJ), Lorenzo Foscolo (Rome), Calum Ross (Edge Hill), and Derek Harland (Leeds). I finished my doctorate at University College London in 2022, under the supervision of Lorenzo Foscolo.

Publications and preprints

Published Title Text
2023 G2-instantons on the spinor bundle of the 3-sphere (joint with Matt Turner). arXiv, Journal
2021 SU(2)^2-invariant gauge theory on asymptotically conical Calabi-Yau 3-folds arXiv, Journal

Academic Talks (selected)

Date Title Event Material
Mar 2024 Special Holonomy and Geometric Structures on Complex Manifolds (IMPA) Video
Jun 2023 Workshop BRIDGES: Special geometries and gauge theories Website
Jun 2023 Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Day Website
Nov 2022 New G2-instantons on non-compact G2-manifolds with symmetries University Libre de Brussels Geometry Seminar Website
Nov 2022 New families of G2-instantons Oxford-London Gauge Assembly OLGA2022
Oct 2022 Instantons on Riemannian metrics with holonomy G2 and SU(3) Universite de Bretagne Occidentale

Organised academic events and seminars

Date Title Link
3-7 July 2023 British Isles Graduate Workshop IV BIGWIV
June 2021 Early-Career Researchers in Mathematics ECRM2022
24-25 June 2021 Oxford-London Gauge Assembly OLGA2021


Title Description Link
Chalkdust Magazine A mathematics magazine I help edit and write Article
ALE, ALF, and Abelian Instantons Introductory notes on the Eguchi-Hanson and the Taub-Nut metrics Notes
Introduction to Gauge Theory and Invariants Slides for a graduate geometry seminar talk Notes
Gray Manifolds Talk notes for the British Isles Graduate Workshop III, typed up by Holly Mandel Notes
The Calabi Ansatz Introductory notes on the Calabi ansatz for Ricci-flat Kahler metrics Notes
Introduction to Calibrated Geometry Slides for a graduate geometry seminar talk Notes
Gauge Theory Reading Seminar Nahm's Equations and HyperKahler Quotient Constructions Website
Gauge Theory Reading Seminar Yang-Mills Instantons on Gravitational Instantons Website
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